dsc_0005Nicolas Omirou was born and brought up in Paphos. As a teenager he showed a lot of promise as a footballer. He played regularly as a striker for AEP Paphos Football Club, both at the Under 16 and Under 18 levels. However, at the age of 15, he picked up an ankle strain while playing for the Under 16s. This was not a serious injury, but it did require two weeks of physical therapy (PT) to restore him to fitness. And it was while he was completing this treatment that Nicolas saw his future. He had been helped back to full recovery by a physical therapist. In turn he wished to do the same and help people recover from their various injuries.
The examination to study PT at Athens University of Greece was very competitive, but Nicolas achieved one of the first places and won two scholarships. Thus he achieved a successful beginning in the field of physiotherapy. However, before he could begin work on this, the Republic of Cyprus came calling. Like all young Cypriot men Nicolas was required to do his military service, and in his case he served for 25 months as an officer. Looking back on this experience he fondly recalls that the Army taught him about fighting techniques and how to use various guns and other weapons. He also learned how to lead men, a skill which is very useful to him as he now runs his own PT practice.
After the Army he spent five years in Athens, enjoying the culture and academic life there, and also studying and working hard. Some of the work was academic, but a large part of the course consisted of many hours of practical work spread out among four separate Athenian hospitals.
In 2013 Nicolas returned to Paphos to set up his own PT clinic at 51 Psaron Street, not far from the Evangelismos Hospital. The centre is one of the most modern physiotherapy offices in Cyprus and it is fully equipped with all latest rehabilitation technology. In the three intervening years he has now treated a large number of patients, both Cypriots and many Europeans and Russians. It is remarkable that Nicolas has managed all this, and much of this achievement is also due to his assistant Faidra. She is a physiotherapist who has been employed for a whole year now.
What he likes about this work is that it’s very fulfilling. People come to him with their physical problems, they receive his treatments and then they go away better. However, at times the work can be very long and hard but he always tries to keep the environment pleasant and comfortable. On average Nicolas works over ten hours a day at his clinic, and so he’s very glad to take a complete break at the weekend.
So when he gets it, how does Nicolas spend his relaxation time? “My dog is important to me,” he says. “I like to spend time with my dog. He’s a four year old Golden Retriever named Carlos, and he’s my friend. I also play football, but just for fun these days. For example, I and my friends play five-a-side games at the weekends. And I’m also learning tennis, which I like very much, because unlike the football, you only need two people to play.”
So where does Nicolas see himself in the future? “Well I really enjoy what I do in the PT clinic. I like to see people get well, and so I hope to help this practice to grow. In order to achieve this I might need to employ some more staff quite soon.
At this stage the writer of this article has a personal note to add. I have received treatment for my injured knee at Nicolas’ clinic. My personal conclusion is that Nicolas is not only good at his work, but that he has a real heart for doing it, and doing it well. I wish him every success as he expands his practice in the future.