Chris Rios is a 20 year old Cypriot with a unique story. The first 10 years of his life were spent in Chicago in the USA where he only spoke English and developed a love for American food like lasagna and pizza. Then his family moved back to Cyprus, and he found himself in the small village of Kathikas.

At the age of 10, this move presented him with some big challenges. How to live in a village of less than 1,000 people after living in a city of several million? How to leave behind fast-paced America and embrace the much slower rhythm of a Greek village? Not to mention the challenge of attending a small Greek school and simultaneously having to learn Greek as he went along.

But Chris has come a long way. Today he loves the peace and quiet of the Cypriot mountain village, and he is as fluent in Greek as he is in English. Nonetheless, America is still gnawing away deep in his brain. For now he is happy working several jobs in Paphos, such as taking photographs of families at the Aphrodite Water Park, doing hospitality jobs in bars and restaurants, and playing peoples’ favorite sounds as a DJ. But this will only be for a short season, he hopes. His ultimate goal is to take his extensive music mixing, music production and DJ skills back to America and live the California dream.

Chris mentions several things which motivate him these days. “I love to gain knowledge and new experiences,” he says. “We’re never too old to keep learning. And I love to meditate and travel towards a higher dimension of spiritual awareness. I want to understand how life works, and I want to follow a path towards success.”

And what would be success in Chris’s eyes? “Definitely not money,” he states emphatically. “Success would be to be where I want to be; I want to build myself as a person in the USA; I want to create a mini-Cyprus in the “Go-Ahead Music Scene of the USA.” Chris is full of ambition, he knows what he wants, and his life so far has taught him to be adaptable. The chances are that he will be a roaring success in the hurly-burly of America. But even when that happens, he surely won’t forget how to seek out some serene mountain village where he can explore the spiritual side of life.